Domestic Purifier Manufacturers, Suppliers and traders in Pune

Approx. Price- 13,500/-

We are the best Domestic Purifier manufacturers, suppliers and traders in Pune. We utilize the latest technology to take out the processes perfectly. We have expert team for the most excellent services. We deliver the best Domestic Water purifiers at the lowest cost and with guaranteed quality. Our motto is to distribute and improve the water quality with best water management methods. We offer inexpensive water cleaning methods with our Domestic purifiers. Our domestic water purifiers meet quality standards to deliver the superior quality product. Our latest design and technology make us one of the well-known Domestic purifier manufacturers, suppliers or traders in Pune. Client satisfaction, high-quality product, low cost, reliable, and after-sale services are some of the main features of our services.

Why Domestic Purifiers are needed?

We all know about the most important diseases which are caused by water. Water can be the root cause of the disease that can be increase into people and society. The tap water which is used directly can have chlorine, pesticides and other substances. Therefore Domestic purifier is one of the best solutions to clean water. And our Domestic purifier is made by using modern technology. It has simple filtering process which is available at the cheapest cost. Water purifiers are very essential to get harmless drinking water to keep away from water diseases. There is range of water filtration types like RO, UO and UF. Contact us to get the excellent quality of domestic filter or purifiers in Pune.

Product Details :

RO + Bio/Mineral + UV +TDS + PP Filter

Technical Specification

1 Purification Capacity - Upto 15 LPH
2 Power Rating - 24 VDS
3 Amphere - 2.5 amps
4 Purification Of TDS - 90 – 95 %
5 Pump - 100 GPD
6 Membrane - 75 – 80 GPD
7 Weight - 10.5 kg approx

Purification System

  • PP Filter: 10” spun dust and other visible particle remove from water.
  • Sediment Filtration : remove suspended particles, dust and other particles from water.
  • Activated Carbon : remove chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural color of the water.
  • Post Carbon : maintain the taste of water.
  • Ro Membrane : remove hardness of water Filter out other impurities of the water.
  • Ultra Violet : It gives Bacterial Disinfection in the water.
  • Mineral Cartridges or bio AAA Alkaline: It adds taste and minerals to the water.
  • TDS Control : Maintain the TDS Of Water.